CAA hires former foe to work with agencies

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF.–Mike Ovitz, who in his landmark deal with Coca-Cola worked around one of the country’s largest ad agencies, is about to try to work w….The chairman of Creative Artists Agency has hired Stephen Carbone, former executive vp of International Creative Management’s worldwide commercial division, to join CAA to spearhead an effort to develop product endorsement, interactive and direct TV marketing, as well as advertiser-supported programming and music events for CAA clients.Carbone, ironically, is the ICM executive who countered CAA’s direct-to-the-client involvement with Coca-Cola, by initiating talks with ad agencies about ways they might work together on the advertiser’s behalf.”I certainly will continue to talk to ad agencies and show them how we can work together,” he said.That area of specialty isn’t new to other talent agencies, like ICM and The William Morris Agency, which have well-established commercial divisions in place. CAA, aside from traditional commercial endorsement deals for its stars, hasn’t been heavily involved in these other areas.But talent agencies are likely to intensify their efforts in the commercial realm as they attempt to adjust for the 500-channel broadcast TV landscape of tomorrow, which will create an opportunity for broader advertiser involvement. “The entertainment industry is at the forefront of all these changes,” said Carbone. “It’s no longer just the three networks you put your commercial on and the consumer gets your message. The delivery system is going past ads to tour sponsorship, to new technologies and back to advertiser-assigned programming.”Carbone, a 16-year veteran of ICM, said his contract there had expired.Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)