BzzAgent to Talk Up Arnold Client

NEW YORK BzzAgent, a company that specializes in word-of-mouth marketing, is launching a new advertising platform aimed at allowing marketers and media buyers to purchase standardized verbal communications campaigns.

The Boston-based company’s new word-of-mouth “channel” has been designed so that potential advertisers can buy into the BzzAgent community of 130,000-plus consumer volunteers, just as they would purchase TV or online media space. These advertisers can then integrate their word-of-mouth effort with other elements of a particular ad campaign, including online and offline media.

Havas-owned Arnold of Boston has signed a deal with BzzAgent to implement a campaign via the new channel for the agency’s planned multimedia effort for Hershey Foods this March.

Through the new channel, Arnold will be able to supply specific messaging to participating BzzAgent “consumer evangelists,” who receive samples of the brand’s products and then initiate real-world conversations on the particular product with friends and acquaintances.

Starcom MediaVest Group’s Reverb division, which has already formed a word-of-mouth communications team, is also planning to execute a campaign with BzzAgent