Bye, Kids, I Must Be Off To The Shops

Time with your children is precious, of course, but you can’t take it to the store and buy stuff with it. No doubt that explains one of the findings of a reader poll by All You, the Time Inc. magazine sold strictly at Wal-Mart. Women were asked to say which of four things they’d most like to have more of: money, time for yourself, time with your husband or time with your children. Money was the clear winner (40 percent), with time for yourself the runner-up (23 percent). Husband time (picked by 17 percent) and children time (13 percent) were also-rans. Speaking of money, the women in the survey sample would have no trouble thinking of ways to spend an extra $100 a week on themselves (see chart below). And what if they were given the choice of being $10,000 richer or 10 pounds thinner? A landslide 81 percent would take the money and run (or amble). Among other findings: 57 percent of the women average six hours or less of sleep per night; 58 percent spend at least three hours per day online; and 51 percent would get plastic surgery if it were free, with tummy tucks and liposuction the most coveted varieties.