Butler Keeping 989 in the Game

989 Studios is aiming to put the attitude back in videogame commercials.
Unlike videogame spots that start by flashing to live-action shots, a new spot from Butler, Shine & Stern for 989’s Syphon Filter 2 takes a different tack–the entire ad is done as though it were an animated scene from the game.
Executives at the Sausalito, Calif., agency said many videogame executives bemoan the fact that ads often only cut to game footage for five or six seconds and don’t give consumers a good idea of exactly what happens in the game.
“We decided to keep the spot as pure as possible [by limiting it to the animation],” agency principal John Butler said.
In the spot, the action hero is shown running atop a moving train, firing a machine gun. One hapless enemy, realizing he’s done for, suddenly halts the action and asks if he can be dispatched with something less painful than the gun. Pointing to his scrolling weapon menu bar, the hero says he can use a crossbow, grenade launcher or a “taser.”
Before the enemy fully agrees to the taser shot, the hero zaps him with the weapon and kicks him off the train.
Butler said the ad is “pretty true” to the game.
The ad will break nationally in early March. K