Butler Crafts Campaign for HomeWarehouse.com

Do-It-Yourself Web Resource Veers From the Straight and Narrow
SAN FRANCISCO–A major concern for advertisers these days is how to write spots for dot-coms that may be competing with numerous rivals.
Butler, Shine & Stern thinks it has found the answer.
In a new campaign for do-it-yourself resource HomeWarehouse.com, the Sausalito, Calif., shop tries to distinguish the startup with a touch of irreverence.
“Everybody out there is just announcing that you can buy stuff on the Web or get advice on a project but nobody is really out there putting a spin on it,” said agency principal and creative director Michael Shine.
Instead of emphasizing knowledgeable staffers or durable merchandise, the three 30-second TV spots breaking in Seattle humorously show how the online store can reduce shopping stress.
One spot starts with a young boy talking about his father’s trip to a home center to find a wrench. As the spot progresses, the boy’s descriptions of the trip are bleeped out.
In another ad, a woman bemoans how her husband spends so much time at the home improvement shop. As she looks through a printed insert from HomeWarehouse.com, she says her husband could be at home more if he shopped on the Net–and that he could even replace the pool boy, “Sven.” As she considers the thought and looks at Sven, she throws the catalog in the garbage.
The work “got a good reaction from the client, and the early results were really positive,” Shine said.
The San Mateo, Calif.-based client could roll out the ads in other markets soon.