Busted, Again

Seems like Adbusters can’t get a break-even when they’ve found a station to air their ads.
In years past, ABC, CBS and NBC have all turned down the anti-ad industry magazine when it sought airtime to promote International TV Turnoff Week.
This year, however, CNN sold Adbusters two slots on Headline News on April 21.
In the ad, a toddler watches TV while a violent news broadcast blares. A voiceover asks, “Whose child is she: yours or the network’s?”
Adbusters’ staffers gathered at a Vancouver pub to watch the debut and were stunned when the wrong ad-one for Buy Nothing Day-ran.
They called CNN and were told that, even though the second spot was an hour away, technicians could not correct the error.
CNN’s sales reps were contrite. “They rebroadcast [the right ad] the next day, and even bumped some big-time sponsors to do so,” Adbusters publisher Kalle Lasn said, adding that he doesn’t view the incident as part of a sinister conspiracy.
CNN had no comment.
-Emily Fromm