Bush Raises Curtain on ‘Patriot Act’

WASHINGTON, D.C. President George W. Bush’s campaign on Tuesday launched a strongly worded ad charging that after voting for the Patriot Act to fight terrorism, Sen. John Kerry would repeal the legislation.

In the ad, called “Patriot Act,” a voiceover says Kerry “voted for the Patriot Act, but pressured by fellow liberals … [he] changed his position. While wire taps, subpoena powers and surveillances are routinely used against drug dealers and organized crime, Kerry would now repeal the Patriot Act’s use of these tools against terrorists.” At the end of the spot, the announcers say, “John Kerry. Playing politics with national security.”

The Kerry campaign responded by saying their candidate supports the legislation, but has issues with the way the law is being executed. In a press conference organized by the campaign, Eric Holder, the former deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration, said, “The president’s political ad campaign obscures the fact that there are a lot of thoughtful people in both parties who have a problem with the way in which this Justice Department is implementing the law. Instead of playing politics, the president should be sitting down with both Republican and Democrats to address their concerns about the law in a bipartisan manner and use more effectively the tools that the Patriot Act provides.”