Bush Breaks Inaugural Web Commercial Campaign

NEW YORK The Bush campaign has launched its first Internet advertising of the 2004 presidential election season, featuring the First Lady talking about education reform.

The video-enhanced banner effort, aimed at women, couples images of Laura Bush with the words, “Education is my passion. And the President’s too. Let me explain why.” When a user clicks on the banner, a two-and-a-half-minute Web commercial focused on President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act runs in a special video player.

This marks the first time video has been used in an online advertisement for a presidential candidate, according to the Bush campaign.

In the online spot, a voiceover states, “Because accountability and high standards are the keys to quality schools, the president’s reforms give parents the tools needed to measure a child’s progress.” The First Lady then proceeds to talk about educational programs and initiatives, concluding, “Remember when you vote this fall, you’re voting for our future.”

The Web ads will appear across more than 50 Internet sites, including Yahoo!, MSN, Weather.com, Parents.com and a number of online newspapers.

In response to the new ads, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s campaign said that Bush has “broken his promise to give teachers and parents the tools they need to provide a first-rate education. … Reform without resources is no reform at all.”