Burnett’s Hang Time Delivers

NEW YORK Who wants to be known as a “weak throat”? That’s what the Thais call novice drinkers, and anti-hangover beverage Hang is hoping to convince TV viewers that lightweights aren’t the only ones that need a little extra help the day after. Instead, the beverage is positioned as the helpful conduit to an “extraordinary” night without suffering the ill effects of overindulgence. Three funny 15-second spots from Leo Burnett in Bangkok feature the morning-after review between co-workers that look surprisingly untouched by their evening’s excesses. In one spot, a woman rolls her chair next to her office mate to ask her fresh-faced co-worker, “How was last night?” Her co-worker whispers something in her ear and the girl proceeds to go outside onto a nearby balcony, where she lets out a blood-curdling scream out of earshot of her colleagues. “Well, last night was extraordinary,” shares the voiceover as images of the product are superimposed over the scene. In another spot, a guy shares the picture on his cell phone, causing his co-worker to faint. We never do learn what exactly happens in these extraordinary nights, but it doesn’t matter. These memorable ads effectively use slapstick moments to comically tell viewers that Hang is the drink to, um, hang with, after you’ve been out on the town.