Burnett Promotes Low-Carb Life Choice

CHICAGO ConAgra jumps on the low-carbohydrate bandwagon with a campaign for its new Life Choice line of frozen entrees from Leo Burnett.

A television spot from the Chicago agency that launched in late May shows two office workers approaching a vending machine. The camera reveals that the vending machine is filled with meat as the two men discuss what to buy. One man gets a turkey leg, and the other buys a raw T-bone steak. “The world isn’t made for low-carb eaters,” says a voiceover. “That’s why there’s new Life Choice.”

A corresponding print effort that broke last week features a glorious product shot of a hamburger. A pull-tab encourages people to remove the burger from the bun. “We understand what you go through to eat ‘low carb,’ ” states the headline under the strip of paper.

The campaign employs the tagline, “Such great taste. So few carbs.”

Campaign spending by the Omaha, Neb., company was not disclosed.