Burnett Launches Nintendo DS Spots

CHICAGO After three weeks of teaser commercials for its new DS handheld game system, Nintendo today breaks full product advertising in a campaign from Leo Burnett.

Three television spots highlight the game’s touch screen, which enables players to chat while competing against each other wirelessly (among other features). In one spot, a young man writes “Hello” in his condensed breath on a window. After a moment, the window responds, “Hello Eric.” Another commercial shows a young man writing with his finger on a dirty van window. The third ad depicts restaurant patrons having a conversation by writing messages in food on their plates.

All three spots from the Chicago-based agency incorporate “Touching is good” as a tagline, which was introduced on Oct. 25.

The Redmond, Wash., company is spending $40 million on the launch. The campaign will also include cinema and online ads, a trial tour and guerilla marketing. Publicis’ Starcom in Chicago handles media.

Nintendo dominates the U.S. market for handheld games, but Sony Electronics plans to launch its own device, the PSP, in March. Nintendo last year spent $35 million on ads for its handheld products, which include the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance lines, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.