Burnett Extends Nintendo to Movie Screens

CHICAGO Nintendo’s “Who are you?” campaign gets cinematic treatment with a 60-second spot that breaks in theaters Oct. 30. Shorter versions of the spot, backing the launch of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Advance 4, break Monday on TV.

Leo Burnett’s “Who are you?” campaign, which launched with print and outdoor Sept. 29, is the game company’s first not linked to specific titles since 1994.

The Chicago agency’s spot for movie screens was directed by Anthony Atanasio and shows schoolchildren running out of a classroom and through a city, where they take on superpowers that allow them to leap high in the air. They get to a video game store, where they are shown to have become Nintendo characters.

The work is part of a $50 million effort that takes what Burnett executive creative director Jonathan Hoffman described as a “subversive” tone by placing Nintendo characters in unexpected places. A man atop the Berlin Wall, for example, has Mario’s head and Mona Lisa has the face of Zelda [Adweek, Sept. 29].

Nintendo is in a tight competition with Xbox for the No. 2 position in the category, behind Sony’s PlayStation.