Burn Is Catching Fire in Miami

Call it slow Burn. While high-profile e-commerce solutions providers like iXL and marchFirst struggle to survive the decline of the dot-com empire, Burn Worldwide continues to increase its client roster and revenue.

The Miami shop, begun in “the corner of an apartment in 1997,” has seen its fees explode from $20,000 to more than $2 million this year.

“We’re a privately held company with no debt,” said chief executive officer Gary Manheimer, who founded Burn with creative director David Clarke. “Our focus is not on next quarter results, but on developing relationships with our clients.”

To date, Burn’s roster includes Miami-based Bacardi USA and Unisa Shoes, and Lucent Technologies and its communications spin-off, Avaya, in Murrayville, N.J. The shop is also working with Florida International University to set up its online curriculum.

For Bacardi, Burn is assisting in the development of a corporate extra-net that will provide product information and other data to partners and vendors.

Avaya retained the shop to help it deliver product information to a network of clients and vendors in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Burn’s success has supported its expansion from the apartment corner to an office above a bar. It is now housed in a new 5,000-square-foot facility in Miami’s design district.

“Unlike many of our better known competitors, we started this as a hobby,” says Manheimer, “and it became a successful business.”