Burn, Baby, Burn

}It’s been hot in Dallas this summer and it’s gotten even hotter thanks to two fashion ads billed to appear in the city’s monthly magazine, D.

The ads, believed to be for Gucci and Christian Dior, were so steamy, in fact, that when D publisher Wick Allison caught sight of them in the September issue, he ordered all 70,000 copies trashed and reprinted.

The Gucci ad shows a woman in a skimpy dress languishing at the feet of a man whose trousers would indicate he’s pleased to see her. The Dior ad features a woman revealing a little more of her body than you might see on the streets of downtown Dallas.

Although the cover of D’s August issue featured a woman covered in whipped cream, Allison sees no double standard. “The reaction has been positive,” he says. “There is some disdain [in the publishing industry] at the kinds of ads being produced by fashion houses. Some have gone too far.”

A representative for Christian Dior said company policy prevents employees from commenting on controversial issues. A Gucci representative also declined to discuss the situation in detail, but wondered why Gucci was being singled out. “The fashion magazines have so many companies with cutting-edge ads,” the representative points out. “What [is Allison] saying about them?” Matt groeningChris Saganichchuck gonzales