Burger King Takes To The Sky

Just how far would fanatics go for the taste of a Whopper?
That’s the question copywriter Jonathan Mandell and art director Clem McCarthy, creative directors at Ammirati Puris Lintas, New York, asked before developing a new live-action Burger King spot.
The answer, according to Mandell, was to go skydiving for Whoppers tossed from a moving plane. “It’s the most far-out thing you can do,” said Mandell.
A new 30-second spot, “Whopper Divers” (shown here), shows four extreme sports enthusiasts leaping head first from a plane to catch their favorite burger after it is tossed out of an open doorway. As the wind rushes by and the plane’s engine drones, one yells, “Most people drive in! We dive in!” As they spiral through the air, they grab hold of their burgers while pulsing music plays in the foreground.
As a parting shot, one jumper playfully jokes: “We wouldn’t do this for a Big Mac. I mean, we’re not crazy or anything.”
The spot was created with associate creative director Frank Krimmel, who aided in copywriting and art direction, and produced by Marcy Sansolo. –Sloane Lucas