Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Teams With L.A. Tattoo Artists for Inked Billboard

A colorful addition to Sunset Junction's main intersection

One billboard, 24 tattoo artists.
Headshot of Richard Horgan

A clever bit of branding has been unveiled this week in Los Angeles. Amazingly and refreshingly, the timing has nothing to do with that little gold guy.

The Bulleit Frontier Works program, which will add another installation in L.A. later this spring before branching out to other cities around the country, is designed to showcase individuals on the “cultural frontier.” For this initial 32-foot-wide artifact, 24 leading L.A. tattoo artists were recruited to create a patchwork of leather panels. From the announcement:

Bulleit Frontier founder Tom Bulleit abandoned a successful law career in the late 1980s to fulfill a lifelong dream of reviving his family’s century-old high rye bourbon recipe. He chose to launch the Works program in Los Angeles based on the relations made with bartenders, partners and friends who’ve embraced the whiskey so much that LA is now Bulleit’s bestselling market.

“Bulleit gave me a lot of creative freedom when designing my piece for the installation,” said Nathan Kostechko, one of the tattoo artists participating in the collaboration. “The group of tattooists brought the project to life beautifully and I hope it makes people smile when they pass by.”

Other tattoo artists who contributed include Kim Saigh, Charles Belñavis, Henry Lewis, Shawn Barber and Jason Schroder. The billboard project, shepherded by agency Barton F. Graf, will be up for approximately two months.

Photo by Elizabeth Dixon, courtesy: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.