Bulldog Drummond Print Work Has 76’s Number

Mom, apple pie and baseball are among the elements of Americana in a new campaign for lubricants products marketed by the company 76.

The campaign by San Diego shop Bulldog Drummond includes six print ads breaking in February. Spending is estimated at $1 million.

“Our objective was to tie the brand’s attributes to the basic American way of life,” said Shawn Parr, CEO of the agency, which has worked with 76 for more than a year. He added that many of the brand’s traits, such as dependability, are representative of the people who use 76 Lubricants.

The ads feature the signature orange-and-blue color scheme used in the brand’s logo, but make better use of the logo than in years past, said Mark Williams, director of marketing and communication for Phillips 66 Company Lubes Division, in Costa Mesa, Calif., which includes 76 Lubricants.

“Traditionally, in the trades we advertise in, we have been consistent with the rest of the industry—a lot of Band-Aids and ‘Keep your vehicle healthy’ ” messages, Williams said. “One of the most recognized trademarks is 76. [It’s] at the heart of American tradition, and we want to take advantage of our heritage of over 100 years of existence.”

One ad shows an apple pie with “76” carved out of the top of the crust. The headline reads, “American. Dependable. You’ve got our number.” Another has a baseball player holding an orange ball with “76” on it, along with the headline, “Hard-working. Consistent. You’ve got our number.”

While the events of Sept. 11 have spurred an increase in patriotic ads, Parr said the concept was established prior to that date.

Parr said the ads also tie into 76’s quarterly sales program, which includes giving away such items as baseballs and rodeo belts to the company’s well-performing salespeople.

Ads will run in farming, trucking, logging and construction publications through the end of the year.