Building a Better Account Team

Hill, Holliday Realigns Client Service, Puts Blocklin on Fidelity
BOSTON – As a newly titled account director at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Stever Aubrey will oversee the Spalding Sports Worldwide account, among others.
Aubrey was one of nine senior account executives to be given the new title last week by managing director Brian Carty at Boston’s second-largest ad agency.
In addition, director of new business June Blocklin, who also now carries the account director title, was given oversight responsibility on the estimated $100 million Fidelity Investments account. Reporting to Blocklin on Fidelity is account director Leslee Lenoff, who assumes responsibility for introducing clients to all Hill, Holliday services besides advertising.
Also named account directors were: Leslie Kaplan, who runs the Dunkin’ Donuts, Marshalls and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care accounts; Jean Manasian (Great Plains Software and AMD); Mark Richardson (AutoNation USA); Karen Kaplan (Fleet Boston Corp. and John Hancock Financial Services); Laura Wood (BankBoston, CNN and some new business); and New York-based Kate Milano (PricewaterhouseCoopers).
While the new titles struck some as largely superficial, the intent is to “put everyone [in client service] on the same footing” and start functioning as “a decision-making team,” Carty said.
All nine report to Carty, who earlier this year was named to head up Hill, Holliday’s advertising business with agency president Fred Bertino [Adweek, April 19]. The group will meet regularly to share information on “best practices” and new-business leads, he said.
In addition to account director, Aubrey also is chief of staff, a post vacant since around 1994. In this capacity, Aubrey works directly for agency chairman and chief executive officer Jack Connors on his many business and philanthropic endeavors.
Recent projects include selling luxury box seats in a new stadium under consideration for the New England Patriots football team that Connors and other business leaders have been out front on, helping to finalize plans for the agency’s 31st anniversary celebration last week at a downtown nightclub and organizing an upcoming offsite meeting for senior executives, including the new team of account directors.
“It’s kind of fun,” Aubrey said.