Buick Concentrates On Print

While print work for General Motors’ Buick brand has generally mirrored TV efforts, a new print campaign for LeSabre takes its own road.
The new ads focus more on people and less on the product than past work, said Ticia Mahler, LeSabre group account director at McCann-Erickson Worldwide in Troy, Mich., Buick’s national agency.
“It’s much more real,” Mahler said. “It ties the reality of everyday, contemporary family life better with the car.”
Two new print ads, breaking in early May, use tongue-in-cheek headlines to draw attention. In one two-page spread, the headline “Early Retirement” accompanies a scene of a father taking a nap with his young baby asleep on his chest.
Copy reads: “Sure, you’re working hard to retire early. But you wouldn’t dream of missing special moments with your children right now … Because after all, your golden years can be right now.” A shot of the car occupies the bottom quarter of one page, coupled with the tagline: “LeSabre by Buick. Peace of mind.”
“I think we were looking for an opportunity with this new campaign to reach out a little bit and … really utilize the benefits of print,” said Joe Fitzsimmons, Buick LeSabre brand manager.
Buick plans to break a new print ad in each of the next six months, Mahler said. TV spots will continue to use the “Stand By Me” theme music, with a new execution set to break in late April, she added.