Budweiser’s ‘Whassup’ Revival Reminds Us to Check In; The NFL Draft Inspires Hope: Friday’s First Things First

Plus, Midol gets a much-needed makeover

This is just the first in a series of themed spots for Budweiser's new 'Whassup' campaign. Budweiser
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Budweiser Reimagines Iconic ‘Whassup’ Ad to Encourage Quarantine Check-Ins

To remind us all to keep checking in with one another, Budweiser created a new rendition of its classic 1999 “Whassup” ad, this time featuring a star-studded cast. NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, actor Gabrielle Union, Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh, two-time WNBA MVP Candace Parker and DJ D-Nice all chime in with the iconic refrain in the 90-second spot.

Watch: The brand said the theme of the original spot provided an opportunity to “focus on human connection in a time when people may be feeling hopeless, uncertain and alone.”

Midol Gets a Much-Needed Makeover to Appeal to a New Generation of Women

While Bayer-owned medication brand Midol has seen gradual design shifts over the years, it’s never had a truly robust update—until now. In a bold overhaul of brand colors, logos, messaging and imagery, Midol is looking to introduce itself to a new generation of women—and reintroduce itself to many others. The rebrand reflects the fact that ads for feminine care products have recently made serious strides toward a more authentic portrayal of what it’s like to have a period, and the culture’s understanding of femininity and gender has also gone through revolutionary changes.

Read more: Learn about the evolution of Midol’s branding, from its earliest marketing as a menstrual pain reliever to its all-new look.

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The NFL Draft Couldn’t Come at a Better Time for Sports Fans, Brands and Media

In the era of social distancing, football’s rookie draft will more closely resemble a Zoom meeting rather than its usual pomp and circumstance, but it represents the brightest glimmer of hope that sports will return to America before the year is out. Without any other American sports on the horizon, the draft is an enormous moment for the entire sports landscape, from the fans who depend on sports to the networks that broadcast it and the businesses that depend on the advertising category.

Read more: Sports media outlets need revenue—and the draft may help. The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis called this year’s draft a “sports media stimulus package.”

Quibi Says Connected TV Casting Option Will Be Ready by Mid-May

Although greatly hyped new streaming app Quibi was envisioned as a mobile-only service, where users could watch short-form programming in either portrait or landscape orientation on handheld devices during “in-between moments,” the pandemic has sped up development of an option to cast the mobile programming onto connected televisions. CEO Meg Whitman says the feature could be released by mid-May.

Read more: Whitman discussed the new feature and why subscribers want it during a talk with Adweek.

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Meal Kits Had Their Chance. Covid-19 Gave Them Another One

With much of the nation working, exercising, socializing and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner within the confines of the great indoors, the meal kit industry has its shot at redemption. The big-dollar question, though, is whether meal kit brands like Purple Carrot, HelloFresh and Blue Apron can use this current momentum to become a more permanent fixture—or whether it will wane again.

Read more: Learn why the meal kit category as a whole has struggled to catch on in the past and what it might take for it to succeed.

Covid-19’s Impacts Across Advertising, Tech, Retail and Travel Continue

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