Bud Light “Clothing Drive”

Bud Light is back with another spot from DDB showing the extreme lengths office workers will go to in order to get their hands on the beer. A follow-up to “Swear Jar” that had people cursing up a storm at the office when they found out the money was going to be used to buy some Bud, this spot takes the same approach but with a clothing drive — a free Bud Light for every article of clothing donated. Soon enough, everyone in the office (well, all men except the receptionist) is prancing around in their underwear and conducting business as if it’s an average day at the office — lots of tighty whities and jiggly flesh covered with blackout bars. Maybe it’s just that bleeped-out cursing is just more fun to watch than people stripping for a Bud, but this one just doesn’t produce that can’t-help-but-laugh-out-loud reaction of the original. —Eleftheria Parpis