Bud Airs New Open Minds Spot

LOS ANGELES-In its latest effort for Anheuser-Busch, roster shop Open Minds has created an irreverently humorous spot that shows the lengths to which some people will go for a Budweiser.
The 30-second spot, airing nationally, shows a man out walking an annoying poodle. Embarrassed by the dog’s behavior, the man apologizes to passersby, explaining that the animal isn’t his. But then he spies a poster promising a Budweiser to the person who recovers a missing dalmatian. He decorates the poodle with spots, presents it to the confused owner of the missing dog and grabs his reward. The final shot shows a crowd of people with makeshift dalmatians at the missing dog owner’s house.
The spot is the second effort for Bud this year from the Laguna Beach, Calif., creative shop, according to its president/creative director, Mark Choate. A previous ad, “Moving Walkway,” aired during the NFL playoffs. The shop also is working on its first campaign for newly won client Pacific Life. ƒ