Buckley/Friedman Muscling In

Reebok International Ads Celebrate Body
LOS ANGELES–Buckley/Friedman Advertising and Public Relations illuminates the reactions the body goes through during a workout in its first print campaign for Reebok International’s commercial fitness equipment.
Several two-page spread trade ads depict body forms masked in shadow. One ad, for the Reebok Strength Line, superimposes a small image of a workout machine over a well-toned man’s back. Text reads, “Your muscles scream to be fed. More. More. More. Around you strength machines stand ready. Like knives and forks poised to deliver sweat. More. More. And they will feed you a banquet ” The tag is: “Well into the future.”
The Reebok logo appears in the upper right, and copy on the left describes the equipment itself.
“[We wanted] to let club managers know that Reebok is in touch with the … people that actually use the equipment,” said agency creative director Garret Davenport.
The ads broke last month in fitness club trade magazines Club Industry, Fitness Management and Club Business International, and will continue to run throughout the year.