Brute Force

Here’s more fodder for those who think some brands are practically their own religions: The term “Jedi Knight” has been deemed a legitimate religious denomination in the U.K.

This shocking news comes from Cosmi, which reports that the new U.K. census—still being tallied—includes Jedi Knights among its religious orders (code 896 on the form). Star Wars fans can draw their own conclusions from the fact that 896 is followed closely by “heathen” (897), “atheist (898) and “none” (899).

The initiative to give the Jedis their due seems to have gathered speed on the Internet—where else?—buoyed by official Star Wars lore, which is ripe with religious overtones. (The Jedis are headquartered in a temple and governed by a High Council of 12, and mainly spend their time making things levitate and “contemplating the very nature of the Force.”)

What account planners will make of this new demographic is anyone’s guess. (These Jedi are probably up to their protective headgear in Star Wars stuff already.) It was also unclear at press time whether Starbucks would make a similar move for religionhood in the U.S.