Brunello Launches Site for ‘Men’s Health Living’

BOSTON Brunello Creative has launched to coincide with the newsstand special issue of Rodale Publishing’s Men’s Health Living, which is billed as “The world’s first home magazine for men.”

“We were given creative license to develop something from scratch and the result is something we are all really pleased with,” said Adam Hoyle, cd and co-founder of Brunello in Boston. “The design is sleek and modern, it uses new technology to help preserve the site’s design integrity and it invites people to explore.”

Brunello developed the site in about three months. It is controlled by the shop’s custom-built Web-based content management system.

This summer, Brunello had launched a new site for Rodale’s BestLife. The independent shop was launched last year by Hoyle and Nicole Baltzer and handles both online and offline assignments. It has also worked for Dunkin’ Donuts and Gold Medal Bakery.

The shop ranks among several Boston-area agencies to handle national magazine chores. Mullen serves as the lead creative resource for the Magazine Publishers of America. Modernista! works on BusinessWeek.