Brothers in Arms: Fallon Hires Creative Duo

CHICAGO Fallon has added Swedish brothers Calle and Pelle Sjonell as group creative directors at its Minneapolis office.

These are the first significant hires since Kerry Feuerman joined in March as creative director.

Pelle Sjonell, 33, comes from advertising agency King, where he was a creative director and CEO. Calle Sjonell, 34, was creative director at interactive shop Starring (formerly Moonwalk).

“They’re terrific creative people in general,” Feuerman said. “They look at the real problem. They don’t look at the advertising they’re trying to do—they wonder what type of problem they’re trying to solve.”

The two will now team on projects for various Fallon clients, Feuerman said.

The idea of bringing the two disciplines (traditional advertising and interactive) together was an idea the creative director said he wanted to try.

“We all share this idea that the world is changing,” Feuerman said. “You don’t treat interactive as an afterthought. You don’t think of having an advertising agency and an interactive agency.”

This is not the first time the Publicis Groupe agency has attracted top talent from Sweden. In 1996, Fallon hired the Stockholm-bred creative team Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom from Paradoset/DDB; they later created noted campaigns for Miller (featuring the nerdy anti-icon “Dick”), MTV and Virgin Mobile. (The team—known in the industry as “the Swedes”—left Fallon in August 2003 to join Mother’s U.S. office in New York.)

“We have always looked at Fallon as inventive and in the forefront of communication. We followed them closely since Paul and Linus came, and we’ve seen what they’ve done,” Pelle Sjonell said about the appeal in joining the shop.

Calle Sjonell used a different analogy. “If you play hockey in Sweden and you get a call from the NHL, you have to go,” he said.