Bromley Sings ‘Sad Song’ for Texas Whopper

DALLAS Bromley Communications is launching a regional radio campaign for Burger King that promotes the new Texas Double Whopper hamburger through parodies of country and western music.

The San Antonio agency produced “Sad Song” in both English- and Spanish-language versions. The spot begins airing Monday in Laredo, Corpus Christi, El Paso and Midland/Odessa, Texas, as well as Shreveport, La., and Yakima, Wash.

The commercial features a twangy singer reciting the miseries experienced in a day, from being fired, losing his truck, discovering his wife cheating on him and having a bird poop on his head. But after all the bad luck, he sings, “Then I had a Texas Double Whopper and everything was all right.”

The song in Spanish has a similar narrative but is performed in the Tejano style.

“It’s been a big hit with franchisees,” said agency creative director Catarino Lopez. “It could make some nice TV spots, but we thought that radio would really accomplish what we need.”

Lopez said Bromley, which handles Burger King corporate and some regional franchisee work, is also buying time on the spot market.

The current campaign runs through Sept. 27, with the next media flight scheduled for Nov. 15 through Dec. 13, a Bromley representative said. Ad spending was not disclosed.