Bromley Communications Dismisses 14 Staffers

Slumping sales at Procter & Gamble have triggered layoffs at Bromley Communications, the company’s Hispanic agency, sources said.

Agency chairman and chief executive Ernest Bromley confirmed last week that 14 employees, or 10 percent of the workforce, have been let go, primarily on the P&G account team.

The cuts took place across the board and included media, creative and account personnel.

Two years ago, P&G and its roster agencies agreed on a form of compensation based on a percentage of product sales rather than the cost of ads placed. Brands that did not meet growth goals would have all advertising funds suspended.

Bromley this year saw spending slashed with its major client. The amount of the Hispanic advertising budget, an agency insider said, was not linked to Latino sales but to the overall general market performance of each brand.

San Antonio-based Bromley actively works on about 14 different brands for P&G. Earlier this year, the agency was named the sole Hispanic marketing partner for the packaged- goods giant.

“Procter has been going through a fair amount of reorganization, so we’ve been experiencing some shifts as well,” said Bromley.

In addition to layoffs, he said, the agency has been rethinking its marketing strategy for P&G brands.

“We’ve geared up our customer marketing group … to move more into functions such as promotional marketing,” Bromley said. “There’s a shift to make short-term sales in a hurry.”

The types of promotions Bromley handles have also changed to meet the growing imperative for sales. More emphasis is now put on retailers rather than consumer-targeted sponsorships or events.

But even promotions have remained flat for the time being, Bromley conceded, “although we see a lot of room for growth.”

A few of Bromley’s layoffs were tied to the agency’s resignation of the Capital One bank business, which posed a growing conflict with its Western Union account.