Britain’s Most Masterful Actors Endure Endless Annoyance for British Airways’ New Safety Video

The fundraiser is a sequel to last year's star-studded film

Michael Caine helms an all-star U.K. lineup in the tongue-in-cheek new safety film. British Airways
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Last year, U.K. stars like Gordon Ramsay, Thandie Newton, Rowan Atkinson and Ian McKellen suffered through a British Airways flight safety video under the idiotic direction of Chabuddy G.

Now the fictional filmmaker—a character from BBC Three’ mockumentary sitcom People Just Do Nothing—is back to harass a new group of top talents, including Sir Michael Caine, Naomie Harris (Skyfall), model Jourdan Dunn, Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) and David Walliams (Little Britain).

Continuing the gag of last year’s video, the new on-board video conveys the typical flight safety information while also showing how the celebs navigate the indignities of dealing with Chabuddy G, played by Asim Chaudhry.

Like last year’s clip, this one again serves as a fundraiser for Flying Start, a global charity created by British Airways in partnership with Comic Relief. Donations—usually in the form of unused foreign currency travelers have on hand—are provided via envelopes in the seat pockets, with 100 percent of the contributions going to Comic Relief.

The program has already raised 16.5 million pounds for children in need around the world. The new video will begin airing on flights this month.

Here’s a look back at last year’s video:

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