Brighton Taps Creative Chief

Steve Puckett, who folded his own shop last year after deciding he wanted to spend less time on the management end of the business, has joined the Brighton Agency in St. Louis as executive creative director.
Puckett has known Roger Yount, Brighton’s president and majority owner, for a number of years. In his first week on the job, the pair hit the road in search of new business prospects for Brighton, which has nearly 90 employees and claims $17 million in annual income.
Puckett opened his own shop, The Puckett Group, on April 1, 1987. The agency steadily gained a reputation as one of St. Louis’ leading creative operations under his direction, winning the city’s 1997 Best of Show award in television for a commercial for Cardinal Glennon Hospitals.
At its closing, The Puckett Group claimed billings of $17 million and its client roster included Brown Shoe and Mercantile Bank.
An illness last year led Puckett to reconsider his advertising career. “I never really liked management. I wasn’t enjoying it. So I decided to do what I enjoy, and what I’m best at,” which is creating ads, he said.
He notified clients and offered severance packages to his workers, then freelanced for several months for Worldwide Partners in Denver before joining Brighton.
Yount said the addition of Puckett will alter the very essence of the shop and its work, while the addition of Puckett’s work to the agency’s reel greatly improves what Brighton will be able to bring to its new business pitches.
“We’ve been strong in relationships, in strategic thinking, but for us to get to the next level we had to go outside” for a creative leader, Yount said.
Puckett and Yount both said they share similar philosophies inside and outside the office. “We both like sailing, and we both like fast cars,” Puckett said.