Brightcove to Push Web Video to TV via TiVo

NEW YORK Broadband video player Brightcove said it has a deal with TiVo to distribute its video content to the set-top box’s subscribers.

The deal calls for TiVo to provide options for viewers to download video distributed on Brightcove’s video network, which allows content producers to charge or attach advertising. The companies said the video would initially be free and ad supported.

The Brightcove videos will be available to the 1.2 million subscribers of TiVo’s standalone digital video recorder, not those who receive the service via partners like DirectTV. TiVo users will also need to connect their set-top boxes to a broadband connection, which about 400,000 have done already, according to a company representative.

Such a partnership points the way to how Internet-delivered video content could bypass cable networks and traditional distribution channels. TiVo has already added the option to download video blogs through a deal with Rocketboom. Brightcove is one of several companies seeking to do this by providing tools for content producers to easily distribute broadband video content. It is building an ad network to match video producers with advertisers.

“TiVo has been a powerful factor increasing consumer choice and control over television viewing experiences,” Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire said in a statement. “The Brightcove partnership will further empower consumers by allowing TiVo subscribers to find broadband video content.”

TiVo has moved to diversify its business in the past year. Earlier this week, it introduced a product-search feature that lets viewers search for advertiser information on products and services. It is using a Google-like pay-per-download ad system for that service.

TiVo and Brightcove did not disclose the financial details of their deal.