Brigham’s Breaks Summer Broadcast Campaign

boston—Babies and small children are the focus of a trio of new TV spots for Brigham’s Ice Cream by Rattle Advertising.

“We’ve been lacking a solid brand message for a few years,” said Darryln Lei kauskas, marketing director at the Ar lington, Mass.-based client. “[The new spots] will help us reach existing consumers as well as new ones.”

One 15-second execution shows a little boy using empty Brigham’s cartons as walkie-talkies. The child tries to catch his father’s attention, but dad is busily eating ice cream. Another commercial, shot from the bottom of an ice cream carton as a baby reaches inside, features a voiceover asking, “Do you remember your first taste?”

“There’s nothing like the rich, creamy taste of Brigham’s Ice Cream,” is the tagline.

The Somerville, Mass.-based agency designed the campaign to tout the ice cream the client markets in grocery stores rather than in Brigham’s restaurants.

Rattle’s market research re vealed that people associate eating ice cream with feeling happy, which became the creative platform for the spots, according to Sally Murphy, director of client services at the agency. The spots are running through the summer in the greater Boston market.

Three humorous radio ads will also air in Connecticut and New York. In one radio execution titled “Chance Encounter,” a woman says, “Brigham’s Ice Cream asks, have you had an encounter like this in a supermarket?” Then, an ice cream carton tempts a customer by talking about vanilla beans from Madagascar and the sweet cream of northern Vermont.