Briggs Surveys Changing Media Landscape

LOS ANGELES Less television exposure and more Internet advertising characterizes the media mix recommended as yielding the greatest return on investment by Rex Briggs, principal of Marketing Evolution, El Dorado Hills, Calif., at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies conference here last Saturday.

Briggs, the founder of the research firm Cross Media Optimization Studies, said television advertisers have recently paid a CPM of four times the rate of inflation while ratings have gone down and next-morning ad recall has steadily sunk from 34 percent in 1965 to 9 percent in 2000.

“Are we riding a dead horse?” asked Briggs. “We should be asking ourselves if we should re-evaluate our marketing mixes.”

Briggs’ research showed that advertisers could get better results with the same budget by adding cost-efficient online due to how it alters branding metrics. Even a heavy TV buy misses a large percentage of the target audience, Briggs said, adding that because at least a quintile of them only see the message once, coverage intended to be wide could miss as many as 40 percent of potential buyers. “That’s not a ‘pothole’, as they call it,” Briggs said. “That’s nearly half the road.”

Briggs cited three Advertising Research Foundation case studies. Using a combination of magazine and online advertising measurably raised Kleenex tissue’s positive brand association. Incremental exposure to online reached six million more people “without spending a dollar more,” he said. For Dove soap, Briggs compared the effect of online versus offline (TV and print). Offline ads raised intent to purchase from 8.7 percent to 11.5 percent; adding online and reducing TV purchases raised the figure to 14.2 percent. He said substituting online for offline reduced the cost-per-person affected to 65 cents on the dollar. Colgate discovered that for every dollar spent online the cost-per-person was $1.23 for TV-only and $1.84 for magazine-only campaigns.

“I’m not saying television is not effective,” Briggs said, “but only that the landscape is changing.”

Speaking on the same panel, Richard Israel, vice president of comScore, which tracks daily online use, said that in March his company ranked the site usage of GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda in that order. Adding a portal in Spanish took Honda’s Web site from fourth ranked to first in one month.

Separately, La Agencia de Orci, Los Angeles, won the AAHA gold award for its Honda Civic online campaign. The ads were created by Anne Howard, producer; Juan Jose Quintana, creative director; Fidel Arizmendi, associate creative director; Manrique Torruco, art director; and Claudio Martinez, copywriter.