Breakstone Gets Big April Push

Kraft Foods has mounted a promotional, TV and print campaign for Breakstone/ Knudsen Cottage Doubles to push two new flavors of the cottage cheese/ fruit combos.

The current ads promotes raspberry and blueberry flavors that can easily be combined with cottage cheese, said Paula Shikany, brand manager for Kraft cottage-cheese products.

Kraft and J. Walter Thompson, Chicago, obtained “station domination” rights for print ads inside the World Trade Center in New York. Station domination means that no other company can advertise anywhere in the WTC during April.

This is the second time Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft promoted a product by plastering a major metropolitan building with ads. The first: the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta for Oscar Mayer Foods Ham, Shikany said.

The campaign features the brand’s long-standing fictional spokesman Sam Breakstone. Print executions will run in the June issues of People, O and Martha Stewart’s Living. Free standing inserts are scheduled for this Sunday’s newspapers, Shikany said.

In one ad, Breakstone holds his straw boater, which is filled with blueberries, above the caption: “Hats off to my great flavor combinations.”

In addition to print, one 15-second and one 30-second TV spot broke nationally in March.

In “Gardening,” which closely mirrors prior television work, Breakstone gets an idea that berries would go great with cottage cheese. “I’m a genius,” he shouts.

Shikany said, “We found through our market research that consumers have an affinity for him.”

Kraft rolled out Cottage Doubles in 1998. The first TV spots for Breakstone, for instance, had Sam Breakstone sitting under a peach tree trying to discern how to make cottage cheese better when a peach hits him over the head.

Kraft spent $8 million on Breakstone Cottage Cheese advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Kraft did not disclose this year’s spending.