Via Breaks First AH&H Effort

A print campaign breaking this week for Adams, Harkness & Hill uses simple black-and-white ads to portray investment banking as an art.

The work is the first by new lead agency Via, Portland, Maine, which has developed an “On the Art of …” series of ads. Each ad tackles a different topic in investment banking.

The headline for one effort reads, “On the Art of Im pact.” The copy continues, “The right investor gets behind the right company at the right time. The company grows. The investment grows. And a brilliant idea comes to market. That’s emerging growth. Putting it all together, that’s the art … The right investor. The right company. The right time. The art is putting it all together. Impact is the result. In investment banking, impact is an art.”

The effort is based on the premise that AH&H not only executes banking deals but also is “creative and passionate about the task,” said Bridget O’Brien, senior vp of marketing and corporate operations at the Boston-based investment bank.

Ads in the campaign will break periodically in business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0, Red Her ring, Traders Mag azine, Corporate Board Mem ber and Institu t ional In vestor. More than a half-dozen executions will roll out this year. Spending on the campaign was in the low seven-figure range.

“[Adams, Harkness & Hill] has been quiet in the emerging growth sector, and they feel they have a story to tell,” said Greg Crozier, creative director at Via. “We wanted to get across the idea of impact. The value of a company that does what they do isn’t measured by the amount of deals they do, but by the impact they have.”

The effort also serves to develop aware ness of the in vestment bank among its target audience, which includes corporate exe cutives and the institutional in vestor community, ac cording to O’Brien.

As in previous campaigns, AH&H uses the line, “The emerging growth investment bank.”

Creative credits include Travis Goulder and Chris Cote as art directors, Ron Clayton as copywriter, and Greg Crozier and Charles Hughes as co-creative directors.

The client’s competitors in clude AG Edwards, Broadview and First Union.