Cracking the Code to Breaking the Internet With Hot Sauce

How two friends turned Instagram's @sauce into a successful CPG brand

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Over the last decade, you might have witnessed amazing blogs and social accounts go from talking about their favorite fashion or foods to running their own businesses.

When friends Nick Ajluni and Nick Guillen created their food and lifestyle account @sauce on Instagram, they had no idea it would go viral and turn into a successful company called Truff years later.

Truff released its first product in 2017: hot sauce. The company became the fastest-growing in the hot sauce space due to its unique flavors, distinctive bottle, truffle-inspired cap and the coveted Instagram page.

Now, Truff has expanded its products to include other favorites like pasta sauce, mayonnaise and truffle oil. The brand has also collaborated with other brands like Hidden Valley and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

In this episode of Young Influentials, Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Ajluni and Guillen to discuss what made them start the Instagram account, the experience of going viral and what we can expect from Truff next.

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