Everyone knows eating a good breakfast is important—especially when you’re a defender of the United States of America.

A new print ad from DiBona, Bornstein & Random for Gaithersburg, Md.-based Sodexho, which provides food, housekeeping and maintenance services for institutions such as college campuses and military sites, touts the company’s military services.

The execution shows men and women in the Army, Navy and Marines jumping out of planes, diving and scaling walls. The headline reads, “Up before dawn. 100 percent humidity. Free falling 10,000 ft. Poisonous snakes. Breakfast better be good.” The ad goes on to state that “America’s armed forces deserve to eat well. They earn it every day. And our innovative food and lifestyle services keep them performing their best.”

“These guys work really hard—especially since 9/11,” said Rod Smith, creative director at the Boston shop. “It’s nice to provide a service that makes their lives better, and that’s what [Sodexho] is all about.”

The ad breaks in January in The Year in Defense.