Brawny Is Funding the Heroes Going Above and Beyond in Their Communities

New ad from Joan celebrates individuals and nonprofits

The coronavirus crisis has reignited a sense of community spirit in neighborhoods around the world, turning many every day people into local heroes.

Brawny, the paper towel brand, has sought to honor those individuals in its latest campaign, which features real people who have gone above and beyond to help their communities during the crisis.

Its new spot, created and produced in-house by creative agency Joan, features eight local heroes who have taken significant steps to support those around them, including a seven-year-old who spent his pocket money on supplies for the needy, a single mother who made more than 1,000 care packages for other single parents and a man who made dozens of portable sinks for the homeless.

The campaign, called Giants Take Action, will run on TV and social media to promote the brands’ funding program The Brawny Giants Initiative, which has been set up to support those doing the most to assist their neighborhoods in these unprecedented times.

Brawny is calling on its customers to nominate their own local heroes online for a chance to benefit from its funding program.