Brands Still Have a Lot to Learn About Diversity and Creating Inclusive Work Environments

It’s 2019, and we’re still seeing what should be obvious racially insensitive missteps

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Workplaces need to set a standard for diversity so it becomes the new norm. iStock

In the past week, the Commonwealth of Virginia was the focus of many heated discussions across the nation. Of course, the attention this ongoing discourse has attracted has been a source of significant embarrassment and shame. However, the use of blackface is not new to Virginia, the South or even our country as a whole. Almost certainly, yearbooks have featured folks in blackface and Klan robes both above and below the Mason–Dixon line, but I don’t want to attribute geographic blame here. I believe this collision of insensitivity has presented us with an unexpected chance to improve (at least in part) this situation.

@VannGraves Vann Graves is executive director at VCU Brandcenter.