Brand Xperience Intros Eco-Friendly Mobile Billboards

Experiential marketing and design agency Brand Xperience has launched Go Green Mobile Billboard Advertising, an all-electric vehicle fleet that brands can use as a medium to market products without fuel emissions or guzzling gas.

The Chicago-based agency will sign deals with brands in the beverage, retail, fashion and frozen treat categories and will hit the road this fall. It will cover the top 25 metro markets.

The fleet includes two three-wheelers and three neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) transformed into mobile billboards. Brand Xperience provides the vehicle, driver, route planning, engineering, design and graphics production.

The NEVs are permitted to go 25 mph in 35 mph zones and can hold a charge for about four hours. For all-day affairs, the agency plans strategic two-hour charging stops for the vehicles in high-exposure locations for the billboards. Since they emit no exhaust, the NEVs can be driven indoors as well.

“With the high cost of gas, I thought there was a niche here to go after consumer packaged goods companies,” said Bob Kopach, svp-Go Green Mobile Billboard Advertising. “Brand Xperience had been looking at ways to go green with mobile tours and trade shows.”

The program has already stirred up interest around the country, and the plan is to place a NEV in a client-requested location and keep it there for future business.