Brand Marketing and Web Good Match

During a press conference at DoubleClick’s New York headquarters on Wednesday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau unveiled the results of a joint study between the IAB, DoubleClick, MSN and CNet on the effectiveness of the Internet as a vehicle for brand marketing.

The data, presented by Robin Webster, president and CEO of the IAB, along with representatives from Dynamic Logic, MSN and DoubleClick, among others, indicates that contrary to the Web’s original mandate of offering marketers a direct response channel, the Internet has proven effective at lifting brand and message awareness among consumers participating in the study.

The research for the IAB and MSN was led by New York-based Internet research firm Dynamic Logic. Diameter, DoubleClick’s research division, conducted its own study. And separately, the CNet study was conducted by Millward Brown IntelliQuest. In total, more than 170,000 Web surfers participated in the online research.

Designed to measure the efficacy of online ads, which range from the standard 486-by-60 banner to the larger format interactive marketing units (IMUs) approved by the IAB earlier this year, the studies’ highlighted conclusions suggest that advertisers were able to achieve significant brand lift after just one exposure to online consumers. Additionally, the studies show that larger ads work better than smaller ads, more interactive ads fared better than less interactive ones, and interstitial ads–or those ads that appear between browser windows–did even better than all other banner ad schemes.

Following a brief question and answer session, the IAB’s Webster said, “If you take anything away from today’s presentation, it’s that the Internet works for building brand. If we can get this message out today, I’ll be a happy camper.”