Brand Jordan “Clock Tower”

A new spot in the Brand Jordan campaign “Become Legendary” centers on the reverberating sound of a clock tower striking midnight. As the tower rings in midnight, among other images in the spot, a lone basketball player catches his breath in a dark gym; a coach takes a team through a study of game footage; and two runners crisscross each other as they run through drills on a darkened football field. As the final bell tolls, the ad returns to the first ball player who is sprinting back and forth across the court. The onscreen copy explains, “There are no Cinderellas.” It’s all about the drive to excel, or as the tagline states, to “Become Legendary,” here, through hard work that isn’t over at the end of the day. The ringing bell, the only audio throughout the minute-long spot, adds an attention-getting thread through what would otherwise be ordinary footage of athletes practicing their sport. Still, while it adds drama, not quite enough to give the ad the spirited show expected from the brand’s celebrated namesake. –Eleftheria Parpis