The Brand Equity of Nations

When taken to a national scale, familiarity seems not to breed contempt. The chart here reflects polling conducted for the British Council in 17 countries around the world. As you might expect, people are more likely to consider themselves familiar with the U.S. than with the four other big-economy nations tested. The U.S. also outpaced the others when respondents were asked how they feel about the five countries. Nearly two-thirds said their view of the U.S. is “very favorable” (24 percent) or “mainly favorable (42 percent); just 3 percent had a “very unfavorable” view. In that part of the survey, Japan, the U.K. and France drew similarly favorable tallies, though none drew as high a “very favorable” tally as the U.S. Germany won fewer favorable votes, mainly because it elicited the highest “neither/nor” score of the five countries. Asked whether these countries have “world-beating” companies, 77 percent “strongly agreed” the U.S. does. Japan ran second, with 67 percent saying it has such companies.Clarissa Leahy/Tony Stone