Brand of the Day: Yes, Oreo Churros Will Soon Officially Be a Thing

A mouth-watering mashup

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Some beautiful genius has mashed up Oreos and churros for the Oreo-branded churro you didn't know you wanted but are so happy exists.

Yes, the crispy, chewy, churro fried dough will have Oreo cookies inside each bite, thanks to deal between Mondelez International and J&J Snack Foods Corp. "As the leading churro manufacturer, we are excited about our new relationship with the world-famous Oreo cookie brand," Jerry Law, J&J Snack Foods senior vice president, said in a statement. "Oreo cookie and churro fans alike will not be disappointed in the latest snacking mashup."

Only one catch: It will be sold nationwide, but we don't know when it's coming. Maybe that's part of the strategy. Getting people excited and then making them wait.

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Like many brands on social media, Oreo is a bit snarky on Twitter. And of course, it had the famous Super Bowl blackout tweet that's now part of every real-time marketing case study. But actually, Oreo doesn't tend to post quite as frequently as other dessert indulgence brands.

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