Brand of the Day: McDonald’s McRib Returns With a Video About How It’s Made

Will transparency help the brand's lagging sales?

The McRib is back! The seasonal treat made its return this week and will be available in roughly 75 percent of the nation's restaurant. Sure, McDonalds is looking to boost lackluster sales, but does that really matter the the McRib fan? No! 

To announce the return, the company decided to show exactly what goes into the McRib, bringing one skeptic to the source (aka, the pork plant). Will the seemingly transparent campaign help McDonald's? 

Social Media Profile (as of 11/6/14)

Facebook Likes: 54.4 Million

Twitter Followers:2.6 Million

Instagram Followers: 385,863


McDonald's may have the highest follower count on various social media platforms compared to other fast food chains, but that doesn't necessarily translate into engagement. Still, being able to tell over 54 million people about something with a quick post is pretty valuable. 

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