BR Promoting Thrifty

Thrifty Car Rental plays off its name to emphasize lower prices in Bernstein-Rein Advertising’s debut campaign.
Built around the theme, “Not different. Just Thrifty,” the estimated $10 million push targets family and small business travelers, declaring that the Tulsa, Okla., company offers the same service and vehicles as its larger competitors, but for a lower price.
The ads don’t include specific rental prices or mention any rivals by name. “We didn’t want to get into a dollar war,” said Jeff Bremser, an executive creative director with the Kansas City, Mo., agency. “We just wanted to stand for low prices.”
A TV spot that broke over the weekend features one man playing many roles in a Thrifty service center. As he goes from being a customer to rental agent to check-in manager, he mentions that Thrifty offers “the same cars and same service” as the larger companies, “just at a better rate.”
“We wanted to make it clear that [using Thrifty] wasn’t a hassle,” Bremser said. Using the same man in many roles was a “more interesting” way to deliver that message, he said.
A second spot will feature the man delivering the same message while driving through various locales worldwide.
Print ads broke in national books in March. The ads are dominated by headlines such as, “Downsize your expenditures, not your expectations.”
BR won the Thrifty account last year after a review that included Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York and The Richards Group in