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Op, a beach-and-casual-wear manufacturer based in Irvine, Calif., will go live on Wednesday with opmag.com, a digital interactive publication for the 14- to-30-year-old demographic.
The site was developed by Kick Media, a Venice, Calif.-based Web publisher that specializes in creating interactive, youth-oriented content for client-based domains. Some of the editorial content for opmag will come from New York-based EMAP USA, publisher of 130 magazines.
In addition to the requisite Op product descriptions, retail store locations and company history, opmag will offer streaming video, chat rooms, editorial content, fashion shoots, Q&As and other features. Two-year-old Kick amassed its archive of editorial content following last month’s $8 million investment by EMAP, which assumed a 45 percent ownership stake in Kick. The agreement gives Kick the online rights to all of EMAP’s teen-targeted publications and calls for the company to reinvent these titles on the Web, utilizing video and e-commerce opportunities.