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In a move that might be described as “dollars to DoughNETs

In a move that might be described as “dollars to DoughNETs,” Internet retailer iBuyLine today announced a partnership with, a money-management site for teenagers.
San Francisco-based allows parents to deposit money into accounts their children can use at more than 60 online shopping sites such as, and .
IBuyLine, Mountain View, Calif., which specializes in youth-oriented sites, will accept Dough- NET money at its, and sites.
“We want to pitch the site to the kids, not the parents, and this way the kids can come on their own and spend on their own,” said Edward Lauing, CEO of iBuyLine.
Online shoppers age 13 and older who have accounts can buy merchandise by first visiting, selecting a shopping site and making their purchases. Games and software are “quite popular with this demographic,” Lauing noted. and RocketCash are among other sites that make it possible for young people to buy things online without using their parents’ credit cards. Many of the sites, including DoughNET, feature technology that prevents young shoppers from exceeding the spend-ing limits set by their parents.
“Each of us targets a slightly different group in slightly different ways,” said Ginger Thomson, CEO of, who said the site appeals to teens age 16 to 19.
Thomson called the iBuyLine sites “a good match for these teens.” For example, “ has game reviews that help teens buy smart,” she said.
In’s revenue model, the young shoppers get discounts from many of the participating sites, the sites get money from the shoppers and gets a percentage of sales revenue back from the sites.