Overall Billings Growth: Up 9.1% to $850 million: (grade B-)
Clients Lost: A&P Supermarkets, Six Flags, Marriott Resorts: (grade B)
New Clients: Unisys, Pfizer (national media), Schering-Plough, Excedrin IB (Bristol Myers): (grade C+)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 3.6%, or $28 million: (grade B)
Creativity: Solid work for Chrysler leads TV reel, but better work on smaller accounts. Where’s the Merrill Lynch bull?: (grade B)
Management Savvy: Has made inroads on Bristol as client stakes out new agencies. Needs to uncover more such opportunities: (grade B+)
Teacher’s Comments: Bozell remains open in many categories. Recent effort to beef up new business effort should help fill some of them.
Overall Grade: B
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