Bozell Picks Up Nortel Account

Bozell Worldwide has been awarded the estimated $8-10 million corporate image ad account of Northern Telecom, a provider of customized network communications systems, without a review.
The account had previously been at J. Walter Thompson in San Francisco.
Bozell in New York has been given the task of developing an integrated advertising and communications program to position Nortel, based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, as a leading provider of global electronic networks, which spans everything from voice and data to multimedia.
“We’ve historically been known just as a manufacturer of telephone switching equipment; we’re looking for Bozell to help us broaden customer awareness of Nortel as a more balanced and diversified provider,” said Fran Scott, assistant vice president, corporate marketing communications at Nortel.
Bozell Retail in New York will work with the client to develop a strategic marketing direction. The general agency will thereafter produce and place the advertising.
Elliott Ettenberg, chief executive officer of Bozell Retail, confirmed that Alex Sakiz will be transferred from Bozell Worldwide’s Montreal office to New York. He will assume the title of senior partner at Bozell Retail and oversee the account.
Bozell was introduced to Nortel through Temerlin McClain, a sister shop in the Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt network. Temerlin in Irving, Texas, currently handles the estimated $10 million ad account of Enterprise Networks, a division of Nortel.
Ads developed by JWT had highlighted connectivity and ease of access created by Nortel’s networks. One print ad showed traffic lights at an intersection, all on green. Another featured bees and asked readers if they thought the insects were productive or just busy. The tagline was: “Nortel equals networks.”
In the face of global deregulation, Nortel competes with such leading telecommunications equipment providers as Lucent Technologies, Ericsson and Siemens.